Dog Bike Trailer

When you go out for bike rides, it’s too hard for your dog to keep up on a leash. Not only that, but it’s more dangerous for you and your pet. He can dart in front of the bike and the leash can cause you to wreck.

Or, he can suddenly lunge and yank the bike over. Then there are the days when it’s just too hot for him on the pavement. Or maybe your pet is too young or too old to comfortably go out with you on a leash while you ride your bike.

There’s an easy solution that lets you still enjoy your bike rides as well as the company of your beloved pet. You can add a Dog Bike Trailer to the rear of your bike. This trailer has an eye-catching design with a focus on safety that makes it look like a cute, compact car.

It comes with strong suspension, so once you attach it, it’s going to be a smooth ride both for your pet and yourself. You can use this durable trailer repeatedly for your many adventures with your dog.

You can get it in a large or medium size and the trailer will support both. The frame of the trailer is made of aluminum, which means that it has the toughness you need without being heavy like steel frames are.

This means that the trailer is going to flow behind you rather than you feel like you’re having to really pull it. There’s plenty of options for your dog to be able to see what’s going on around him as well as give you easy access to getting the dog in place, thanks to the zip doors.

There are four doors in all. The trailer is also designed with a sunroof that you can remove. This is a multi-purpose trailer. If you’re going to be outdoors camping or hiking, you can easily take off the wheels and use it to house your pet.

The bottom of the trailer is waterproof, so if your dog has an accident, it won’t leak through. The mesh on the trailer is made of tough material that won’t give in or tear if your dog gets his claws in them.

The trailer is sturdy and strong enough to be able to safely carry a dog up to 165 pounds. The shell of the trailer is made of canvas, so it’s resistant to tears and scratches.

The four sides being able to zip all the way make this one of the easiest trailers for you be able to get your dog in. When you’re ready to travel with it in your car or to store it, once you take the wheels off, it flattens out easily. The inside of the trailer doesn’t come with a dog pad or cushion, so you’ll want to add that or a blanket for your pet’s comfort.

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