Dog Car Ramp

Dogs will exuberantly jump when you tell them to, even when the height might be more than they can handle. Many owners think that dogs can easily take on high jumps. But dogs can injure their head from a fall, pull a muscle, throw out their back, and basically get any kind of injury that a human can from a fall.

One of the most common ways that dogs are injured is when they’re trying to jump in or out of a vehicle. That’s why you need to invest in a Dog Car Ramp. This way, you can make sure that your pet is protected.

This ramp has a walkway design. That means that it’s wider than a lot of dog ramps. This helps your pet feel more comfortable because he feels like he has more room. The sides of the ramp are slightly raised, which not only gives a pet more stability, but lets him feel secure as he walks up or down the length of it.

The ramp is good for use with any kind of dog, but some dogs will benefit even more from using it. Puppies are notorious for not being able to judge the distance from a vehicle to the ground.

You can use the ramp to teach a puppy how to walk up and down to get in and out of your vehicle rather than just jumping. Older dogs want to go with you and they still want their independence, but jumping into the car can reach a point where they just can’t manage it.

Their hips don’t work as well as they used to – and it causes them pain to jump. So when it’s time to get in, they’ll either struggle or look to you to help pick them up and put them in.

By having the ramp, you can allow them to freely come and go out of your vehicle. Plus, you protect your back from the strain if it’s a large dog. Even if your dog is extra large, the ramp can still handle his size.

It can be used by a dog all the way up to 300 pounds. The ramp extends from its collapsed position of 41.5 inches up to 70 inches. It’s pretty lightweight at 16 pounds as far as ramps go – even with all the room and strength that it has.

The tread on the ramp is the Shur-Foot technology, which is designed to keep your dog from slipping. So even if he’s not as agile as he once was or his feet are wet or he has mud on his paws, he can still stay safely upright and won’t slip.

The top and bottom ends of the ramp have non-slip feet. So once you place it where you want it to go, it will stay there. The edge of the ramp isn’t sharp, so it’s safe for your pet, your home, your car and yourself. You can easily train your dog to use the ramp by using the “treat for obeying” method or the clicker training method.

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