Dog Life Jacket

Just like adults and children, a dog needs a life jacket when he’s going to be out around a large body of water or in a boat. Most people assume that dogs are made to swim and that in any type of water condition, they’ll be fine.

But that’s incorrect. Not all dogs swim well. Some larger dogs such as Greyhounds, are longer and thinner – which means they don’t have the same amount of body fat that other dogs have.

This works against them when they’re in water since fat helps dogs float as well as regulate their body temperature. Larger, thinner dogs can struggle in the water. A dog life jacket can save the life of any dog.

Puppies are often full of energy and exuberant. They’ll leap into the water after something faster than you can blink. But no matter how much energy they have, a puppy is no match for long swimming sessions.

Any dog – whether he’s a puppy or he already has gray around his snout – can reach the point where they get tired while they’re swimming. Just like humans, when a dog becomes tired, it can make swimming difficult.

Plus, if he’s injured or leaps from the boat when you’re zipping along the lake, you want him to hang on until you can turn the boat around – and you want to be able to easily spot him in the water.

A life jacket can give your dog the time he needs – plus, they’re highly visible. The handles on the back center of the jacket provide stability so that you can grip it in order to be able to lift your pet if you need to.

The dog life jacket comes in a variety of easy to see colors. It has strips on it that reflect in both sunlight and in the dark so that you can spot your pet when you’re around or in the water.

The jacket has the kind of support that your dog needs to be able to keep his head from going under the water while he’s swimming. It’s simple to get on your pet thanks to the buckles and once you’re done on the water, it comes off easily as well. The flotation ability for the product provides the same safety – whether your pet is a small dog or a large one.

Plus, the life jacket provides your dog with insulation that can help keep him warm until you can get him out of the water if he accidentally falls in. If you’re going to be walking the dog before you get on the boat, you can put a leash on the life jacket to do that before you get started on your outing. Investing in a life jacket for your dog could end up saving the life of your beloved pet.

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