Dog Stroller

There are many reasons to buy a dog stroller and all of them benefit both you and your precious pet. Dog strollers can be used protect your dog from the weather. When you want to run a quick errand and it’s snowing or raining outside, you can simply put your pet in the stroller and keep him warm and dry.

Many people want to run or jog consistently and take their small dogs along. But they find that their little one tires out pretty quickly because he’s not as big as a human. So you end up carrying him back home.

But the OxGord Pet Stroller Easy Walk Folding Travel Carrier Carriage can enable you to put your pet inside, where he’ll enjoy the ride and you can get in your workout. If the hot sun is beating down on the pavement, this can burn the sensitive pads on your dog’s feet.

But if he’s safely inside the stroller, you don’t have to worry about him getting injured. Also, dogs that travel in strollers are less likely to be attacked by other pet owner’s dogs.

This stroller has many features, but still manages to be lightweight. It’s a certified stroller, which means that it passes the required safety guidelines put in place for strollers.

The stroller offers a lot of convenience for humans who use it to take their pets around. It has two cup holders so that you can take a refreshment or two along if you need to. Inside the stroller, there are seat belts for leashes, which prevent your dog from being able to just leap out of it and take off running.

There are security brakes on the back of the stroller that you can set so it doesn’t roll backward. It has a hooded covering to keep inclement weather from affecting your pet — including the hot sun.

This can help keep your pet from overheating during the summer hours. The hood on the stroller is peaked, which allows bigger dogs to be able to sit up, though there is a limit on the size of the dog you can use this with.

The hood has a mesh window when it’s in the down position. This keeps insects like bees or wasps from getting in and irritating your pet. There is an area under the stroller where you can put things your pet might need – such as his toys or treats or some water.

The stroller is roomy enough for two to three small dogs or a medium sized dog. When you’re done using it for the day, it folds up for easy storage. It’s so simple that you can do it with one hand. It’s the perfect choice when you want to spend time outside with your pet while keeping him safe and happy.

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