Emotional Support Dog ID Tag

Service dogs can help people manage daily life in a way that’s as stress free as possible, given the condition that they have. Under the heading of service dogs are dogs that offer emotional support.

These dogs are companion animals that not only make their owner feel safe, but can often help give them comfort for different types of psychological or emotional struggles. Just like a service dog that performs tasks, an emotional support dog has to be qualified.

The owner has to be diagnosed with a reason for needing the emotional support dog. Usually a letter is then given to the person who is struggling with the condition. But there are many businesses, officials and airlines that unfortunately don’t recognize emotional support dogs under the Disability Act.

So these owners end up often having to produce their letter of disability proof and they get hassled when they take their dog along wherever they go. This is why you want to get an ID for your dog like the Emotional Support Dog ID Tag.

Usually just having the ID is enough to stop you from getting hassled when you have your animal with you. This tag is compliant with the rules that outline disability service animal ID guidelines.

Once you have the ID, it can prevent you from being stopped and asked for proof of paperwork when you’re traveling – such as by airline travel. The tag is TSA compliant. The ID clearly shows your dog as an emotional support dog.

It identifies your dog by its name and service animal registry number. This alone is often enough to whisk you through any questions or holdups at businesses or in airports. The ID will also contain your name and images of places that you’re legally allowed to access with your service animal.

The places identified on the ID include places where food is served, airports, hotels, trains, boats or ships, public buildings. The top of the badge has an area highlighted in red that states full access is required by law.

This should help prevent you from getting questioned by people who don’t understand your rights under the law. There is also an emergency notification on the badge, which lets others know that if there is an emergency situation, the service dog is not to be removed from your company if you need to be moved.

The back of the ID has the federal law pertaining to emotional support dogs listed in case someone needs clarification. It also has a phone number and hours of operation for the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) information line.

When ordering the ID, you’ll need to give a photo of your service animal, his name, your name and the registry number if you have it already. The ID can be attached to a dog’s harness for easy visibility.

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