Flirt Pole for Dogs

Dogs need both training and exercise to help stimulate them mentally and to stay in good physical shape. Dogs that are properly challenged and get the exercise that they need are not only healthier, but they’re more well-behaved.

They’re less likely to do things like chew on your shoes or the furniture. One of the best ways to give your dog what he needs is to use a Flirt Pole for Dogs. What this piece of equipment does is it uses a lure on one end to get your dog up and moving around.

It can sharpen your dog’s reflexes, his timing and improve his motor skills. Plus, if you want to train your dog for events like competitions, then the pole is the best way to do that.

The pole has a handy wrist strap, is 36″ in length and comes with the 52″ cord so you have plenty of length. This helps stretch the tool out varying distances so that your dog learns both short as well as long retrieval.

The lure that’s on the end of the training tool is made of braided fleece and you can get them with or without the squeak. This makes it tough enough to withstand repeated catches, tugs and head shaking movements that your dog may do once he catches it.

It also makes the lure long lasting and it won’t fall apart. You don’t have to buy different sized poles or lures depending on the type of dog that you have. This tool can be used with both small, toy size dogs all the up to the largest breed of dogs.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to give your dog what he needs when it comes to exercise. If you spend just ten minutes a day using the Flirt Pole, you’ll be giving your dog the amount of exercise that he needs.

On those busy days when you don’t have time to take your dog out for a walk, you can spend just 10 minutes using the Flirt Pole and give your pet all the exercise that he needs.

Not only is this a help for busy pet owners, but also for pet owners who may have health problems of their own and struggle to walk their dogs. Your dog will get exercise running back and forth as you flick the lure from spot to spot.

You can use long range or short range flicks to get your dog to reverse his direction as well as leap up into the air to catch the lure. This dog tool is lightweight, so it’s easy to hold onto.

Because the cord is made of a stretchy cord type material, when your dog catches it, the momentum won’t yank it out of your hand or jerk his head and cause an injury. You can use the tool to teach your dog patience, to only move when you say so, to stop, start and more.

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