Folding Metal Dog Crate

Your dog needs a crate for a variety of reasons. Most dogs crave a space of their own that they can retreat to when they feel the need for security. You’ll want to have a top of the line space for him such as the Folding Metal Dog Crate.

Because this is a folding dog crate, it can assemble in minutes and you won’t need to screw anything in place. There’s a handle for you to use for those for the times when you want to move the crate.

The ability to fold down makes this crate easy to move from one room to another, to store or to take along on a trip out of town. Or if someone is keeping your dog while you’re away, you can easily disassemble, fold and transport the crate.

This metal dog crate has rounded corners, which helps prevent accidental scratches or injuries to your pet or yourself like straight edge corners can sometimes cause. The crate uses latches that slide securely into place. This is also a safety feature for your pet.

There’s a plastic pan in the bottom of the crate. This is helpful for times when your dog is ill, when your pet may be in heat or when you’re trying to house break a puppy or younger dog.

This pan is easy to clean and disinfect. There’s also a pan stop which works to prevent this pan from just sliding out. The bottom of the cage has rubber feet to help prevent scratches and gouges on flooring.

You can easily use the product to train a puppy by using a divider panel. The reason that this works is that dogs have an intense dislike of using the bathroom in the same spot that they’re going to sleep in.

If you have a crate that allows your dog to use the bathroom in one corner, then be able to retreat to a far corner, it will work against you when it comes to housebreaking training.

But you don’t want to keep having to buy different size crates to get the right fit, either. So when you get this one, you can simply let it grow along with your puppy when you use the divider panel. This panel is included free with the crate.

Besides a place for your dog to feel secure, and for use potty training, you can also use a crate to help gently correct your dog when he engages in activities that are disrupting or destructive. Make sure that you choose the crate size that allows your dog to be able to lie down and sit up comfortably.

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