Gentle Lead Head Collar

When you want to walk or train your dog, you know which direction you need to take to get results. Your dog, however, has a mind of his own and his decisions don’t always line up with yours.

By using the Gentle Lead Head Collar, you can make those stressful walks with your dog that feel more like tug of war battles a thing of the past. The collar is designed to put the pet owner in control even when it comes the unruliest of dogs.

The collar isn’t like a regular dog collar. It’s a training tool that’s designed to help pet owners teach the dog to walk naturally and calmly beside their owners. By using the collar, you can get through to your dog in ways that you can’t by using a regular collar.

Those other types often squeeze a dog’s throat and put a lot of pressure on the trachea. This is why you’ll sometimes hear dogs gasp and wheeze when straining against a leash.

But this collar focuses on controlling and training your pet through the use of calming points. This calms your dog even if he’s easily excitable or seems like he’s uncontrollable.

By using the collar, you can eliminate the leash pulling that goes hand in hand with a regular collar. It’s not fun for the pet owner to get dragged around and it’s stressful for the dog when he wants to go and has all that pull against his throat.

The collar is effective in correcting the bad habits that many dogs have. It can correct behavior when they want to be in control. It can also stop aggression, anxiety and the excited behavior that comes from distractions during walks.

It’s also useful to stop bad habits like jumping or lunging at other animals, other dogs or people. The collar is adjustable so you can fit it comfortably around your dog for better control.

The straps are nylon for durability and the nose loop is padded so that it’s comfortable for your pet. Some people question whether the collar acts as a muzzle. It doesn’t. When the dog is wearing this training tool, he can still drink or eat, pant, catch a ball or whatever he wants.

It doesn’t keep his mouth closed like a muzzle does. Most dogs adjust calmly and happily to the collar and this training tool is effective even when other devices have failed. It can be worn for hours and can be used to help train puppies. A training DVD is included with purchase of the collar.

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