Pup Step Stairs

If you have an area or an object like a sofa or bed that’s higher than your dog’s ability to safely jump on it, you can bet that’s still not going to deter him. Dogs, whether they have long legs or short legs, want to roam every space where they live.

They don’t want to stay off the furniture like the sofa or a bed even though it’s out of their reach. So they’ll jump. Jumping affects all dogs – whether they’re large or small.

Large dogs take the brunt of a jump on their back legs which can cause strain. Little dogs end up with back strain, joint pain and spinal strain when they jump on objects that are too high for them.

You want them to able to do what they want safely. For that reason, you should invest in Pup Step Stairs for any large item or area where you dog likes to jump.

Step stairs give dogs the help they need and they’re good for puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs and dogs with health problems. When your dog gets older and his joints get stiff, he still wants to be able to jump onto the sofa beside you or to sleep in bed near you.

It can be heartbreaking to witness a dog’s cry of anxiety when he’s no longer physically able to get close to the person he loves. When you use step stairs, your dog is protected from the pain to his joints that are associated with jumping on objects too high for him.

Plus, you’ll give your dog back his ability to go where he wants if he’s become too old to jump. The stairs also help prevent back strain in humans by allowing them to stop lifting their pets off and on high objects.

What’s good about these steps is that they’re designed with your pet’s safety in mind. Many competing brands have open ended sides as well as an open back, like what you’d see in a regular kitchen step stool.

Those are dangerous for pets. Your dog needs enclosed stair steps. Otherwise, his legs can slide off the sides of the steps and he’ll get injured. Most dogs realize this and are hesitant to climb open ended stairs.

You can help them be safe and feel secure when they want to reach something thanks to the design of these steps. These steps have slightly raised sides so that your dog won’t have to fret about falling off.

They’re strong despite how lightweight they are at 5 pounds. When you set the steps up, they can easily support small or bigger dogs – even those over 120 pounds.

It comes already assembled, so there’s nothing for you to put together. There are tread covers on each of the steps, so that even if your dog climbs with his feet wet, he won’t slip.

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