Soft Reflective No Pull Harness

If you have a dog, you’re going to want to have a harness for him. You’ll want to get a quality product like the Soft, Reflective No Pull Harness. You can find a harness for any size dog and many people prefer them over traditional leashes.

The reason that you want to use this harness is because it can help prevent your dog from injuring his neck or trachea. Most dog owners don’t realize that when their dog lunges against a leash, the collar yanks into his trachea and can cause damage.

When you use a harness like the No Pull, it takes the pressure off of the neck and trachea and prevents those injuries. When you use a leash with your harness, you give the dog more stress absorption since the pull is absorbed through their upper body rather than concentrated on one area.

This particular harness is for use with big dogs. Measure around your dog’s rib cage area to make sure that your dog fits the girth of the harness – which is 26-36″. The harness comes with a welded D-ring, which improves control when you’re walking your pet.

The nylon handle is padded – plus it’s strong and durable – which not only helps when you’re walking him, but it’s also good for training purposes. You get better control using the harness rather than a leash.

So if your dog sees a rabbit and wants to run off after it, you can just grab the handle and keep your dog under your control. Even the best trained dogs can become excited and want to run after something. The handle gives you a quick response option to that.

The material of the harness is breathable, so you don’t have to worry about your dog getting too hot wearing it. Plus, it’s also fast drying – so if your dog jumps into the water while wearing it, the harness won’t stay wet all day.

There are reflective safety bands on the harness, which makes your dog easier to see when there’s poor lightning or it’s evening. The harness also has parachute clasps, which make it easy and fast to put the harness on or to take it off.

These straps can be adjusted so that they’re a comfortable fit for your dog. The chest plate is padded to offer extra comfort for your dog, but you can take that off if you want to.

This harness is useful for helping to prevent injuries to yourself or your pet because – unlike a regular collar and leash combo that can trip you or your dog – this harness is less likely to tangle a leash.

Thanks to the sturdiness of the harness and the handle, if you need to quickly remove your dog from a threatening situation, you can simply pull back on that handle or use it to help lift your dog.

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