Pet Carrier for Dogs

A pet carrier is something that no responsible pet owner wants to be without. You never know when you’re going to need to transport your beloved pet somewhere. Whether it’s by car, train, boat or plane, you’ll need something so that your pet can travel in comfort and security.

Traveling is often stressful for humans – but more so for pets – especially if you use those old, hard shell carriers. Dogs can’t see what’s going on around them and the hardness of the material makes it tough for them to relax.

That’s why you want to get a pet carrier that’s made for travel like Mr. Peanut’s Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier. It’s designed to easily fit under an airline seat and is an approved travel bag for pets.

Because it’s soft sided, it immediately offers more comfort for your pet. If he shifts, he’s not going to have to contort like he would in a hard shell carrier. He can turn around, lay down and not feel like he’s caged.

Plus, the carrier doesn’t make dogs feel like they’re boxed in, thanks to the mesh windows. There’s one on the side as well as one on the top. Your pet gets plenty of ventilation and can also see what’s happening around him.

The material of the carrier is soft on purpose because it’s made to help your dog feel snug and safe. The carrier even comes with a removable fleece pad, which adds to your dog’s comfort while traveling.

You can take this pad out and wash it by hand when it needs to be cleaned. Although it’s tough and sturdy, the carrier is still much lighter than other carriers. It’s made of nylon – so that means water will run off of it rather than soaking into it.

This nylon is the same grade that you’ll discover is used for parachutes used by the military. It’s pretty easy to keep clean, since it’s not known to absorb stains or odors, but if you do get a spot on it, you can just wipe it off with a damp cloth.

When using this carrier, you need to be aware of the size limitations. If you try to cram a dog in it that’s too big, he’ll be miserable. If your dog weighs more than 14 pounds, then this isn’t the right size carrier for your pet.

You should also make sure that your dog doesn’t measure longer than 17″ and he’s not taller than 11″. For convenience sake, the carrier has pockets where you can put items that your pet needs – such as treats, grooming items and his favorite toy. The shoulder strap and carry handle are both padded for your comfort.

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