Pill Pocket Dog Treats

There will be times when you’ll need to give your dog some type of medication. It could be that he needs a vitamin. Or maybe he’s being given medication to prevent an illness or something to help him recover because he’s sick.

Regardless of the reason for the medication, if your dog is like other pets, he’s not going to be happy at the thought of taking a pill or liquid that doesn’t taste all that appetizing.

Yet, you still have to give it to him. So what ensues is a back and forth battle of wills with your pet. You give him the medication, he spits it right back out. You try again with the same results.

What some people then do is resort to hiding the pill in his bowl of food. But dogs are smart. They’ll eat all their food and when they walk away from their dish, that pill will be lying at the bottom untouched.

Some people then try to coax the dog with a bite of human food. But this isn’t good for your dog. If you’re trying to make liquid medicine get into his mouth, he’ll often just let it run right out the other side.

Not only is this frustrating for you and it upsets your pet, but it can also be expensive if the medication is continually wasted and you have to get more. That’s why you want to use Pill Pocket Dog Treats.

There’s no need for the frustration and hassle of trying to get your dog to take medication when you can easily remedy that situation. You can even make it something that he looks forward to taking.

Pill Pockets are tasty dog treats that he’ll want to take. Each bag contains a 60 count amount of the treats. That’s more than enough to get him through an average cycle of having to take medication.

The treats are so tasty that your dog will come running when he hears the crinkle of the bag. What you want to do first is to let him have one that doesn’t have a pill in it.

Then when it’s time for his first does of medication, you simply put it in the pocket and mash the opposite end of the treat closed. You can tuck a capsule down inside the pocket or even fill it with his liquid medication.

The chicken flavor of the treat covers the taste as well as scents of medication. Your dog will be delighted and you’ll eliminate the wrestling sessions of trying to make him take medication. The treats are made with natural ingredients, so they’re good for your pets.

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